Weblinks to help you during Covid

A range of supportive material

The Jewish Leadership Council have a portal for the community, with several resources here.

The Parhnership for Jewish Schools (PAJES) have educational resources for teachers, pupils and also emotional support resources here.

The government have brought together an enormous range of resources to support parents and pupils here.

UCL have a hub offering links to a wide range of educational content across age groups. There are also links to help children understand Coronavirus here.

Child, Community and Educational Psychology Support and Resources Facebook Page has a range of curated resources and advice aimed at parents and young people, to help them manage through this period here.

Royal College of Occupational Therapists have offered advice for staying well while social distancing here.

Talking Mats offer a great, visual way of explaining what can and cannot be done at the moment. It may also give you some ideas of things you can do to entertain yourselves and your children here.

Educational Endowment Foundation have both useful resources for parents and schools, plus evidence about what works at home here.

EdPsy.org have shared Covid messages from world leaders, plus guidance from several sources to support coping during the outbreak here.

This resource collates a range of resources into easy to navigate topics here.