Residential living services for adults

What is it?

Our residential accommodations across London provide 24-hour-a-day personalised, tailored support to enable people to lead independent and fulfilling lives. This support is funded by each person’s local authority.

All our residential care homes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and follow a Jewish way of life.

Who is it for?

Norwood provides personalised, tailored support for adults with learning disabilities in our 25 residential care homes in London and the South East (see Ravenswood).

Our diverse and highly trained staff teams provide 24-hour-a-day support. They ensure that the adults living in our care homes, who have a wide range of needs, are part of the community. They support them in leading independent and fulfilling lives.

Anything else?

We make sure that all the people who live in our homes can do things for themselves wherever possible.  We also work closely with Norwood’s Life Long Learning service to give everyone the opportunity to learn new skills, whether for everyday living, travel, learning or work.