Psychological and emotional web resources – Young people & Parents


UCL have compiled a list of resources here to help with:

  • Self-care
  • Worries and anxiety
  • Mental health for children and young people with autism
  • Bereavement
  • Domestic violence

The government have brought together an enormous range of resources to support parents and pupils, educationally, psychologically and emotionally here


Look after your mental health, by here.

Jigsaw Families offer resources for parents to share with their children, to develop their personal, social and emotional growth, which are suitable for children aged 5+. Just follow the link and use the password “home” – here.

Government advice for parents to support their children’s mental health here.

Practical resources to help explain the situation and help your child manage here.

Managing ‘obsessive’ behaviours due to Coronavirus here.

A great video called ‘Supporting Neurodiverse Children In Challenging Times Such As During Self-Isolation’ here.

Beacon House have resources to support parent emotional and psychological health here.

Young people

Young Minds have excellent resources for parents and young people/ teenagers here.

Inner Compass have produced a lovely set of resources (pdf) with sections for young people and their parents here.

Young Scot offer a range of easily accessible guides to Cornovirus, and how a young person can best cope here.

Beacon House have some lovely resources to keep children in a positive mood here.

Online safety

Think Now offer many activity packs to support online safety here.

Parent info offer a guide to video chatting for parents of primary and secondary children here and here.