Pears Special Resource Provision

The Pears Special Resource Provision (PSRP) is part of JCoSS (the Jewish Community Secondary School) and was established with Norwood’s support. It offers up to seven places per year (a total of 50 in the school) for pupils with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD).

What does the PSRP offer?

The number of children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders has risen considerably over the past few decades. There are not enough specialist school places to meet the needs of these children, so the Jewish community has set up this unique resource.

Each student in the PSRP has different needs, which are met on an individual basis. We are able to provide both integrated and separate specialist education. Students are integrated into teaching and other school activities wherever appropriate and helpful to both students and school.

Examples of where this happens include:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Religious activities

Who can benefit from the PSRP?

Students join the PSRP at the age of 11, integrating with students of the same age in the mainstream school where appropriate.

The admissions policy for the PSRP is different from that for the mainstream school. The admissions authority is Barnet Local Authority rather than JCoSS.

Find out more

Please visit the JCoSS website for more information.