Educational web resources for parents and professionals

A list of 60 amazing free educational resources you may find helpful to support learning at home.


  • Illinois Autism Partnership have shared a very large range of useful resources, all clearly labelled here.
  • A Twitter social story to help your child stay safe outside here.
  • A YouTube video by Alex Kelly using Makaton to help explain how children can stay safe and another for washing hands here and here.
  • This Twitter post offers a lovely visual timetable and icons you can use to create a weekly schedule here.
  • A social story explaining Coronavirus here and one for helping your child plan for change with alternative timetables here.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

  • EAL Journal has a website with links to great resources to support learning for those who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL) here.

General Learning

  • The government has brought together an enormous range of resources to support parents and pupils here.
  • Educational Endowment Foundation has both useful resources for parents and schools, plus evidence about what works at home here.
  • UCL has a hub offering links to a wide range of educational content across age groups. There are also links to help children understand Coronavirus here.
  • Twinkl has wonderful worksheets that are visually appealing as well as educational. On this site there is a parent’s guide on the web page for each year group from 5-11, divided by subject. This helps the parents choose what they want to teach their child across the whole school curriculum. There is also a daily timetable for parents to follow and a SEND section with practical and helpful information. On this page they have worksheets and games for the children. They are now free if you create a new account and use the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS here.
  • Classroom Secrets is creating weekly home learning packs, enabling you to create a timetable AND there’s a section for kids to use here.
  • Learning at Home (an American site) offers a vast number of free activities, geared towards primary aged children here.
  • Here are some great video lessons on art, cookery, music, politics, science and sport from Besquare. You can also suggest videos for them to add too here.
  • TTS offers more than 120 free learning activities that teachers (or parents) can use with primary aged pupils, and the site is easy to navigate here.
  • Primary Resources is an open source website where teachers offer free lesson content across a range of primary school topics here.
  • Chatterpack has created a hub with a huge variety of home learning resources for wide range of subjects and age groups here.
  • Khan Academy offers free, world-class education videos for anyone, anywhere here.Purple Mash is offering a free trial of all their interactive curriculum resources here.
  • Home learning lessons with interactive content for every primary aged year group can be found at HCAT here.
  • Weekly timetables for years 1-6 to follow in numeracy and literacy at urbrainy here.
  • Educationcity offers free worksheets on a range of subjects, mainly aimed at primary aged pupils here.
  • Thecrashcourse has a very attractive range of interactive learning modules across subjects and ages here.
  • Here are a wide variety of links to activities that will support distance learning, curated by Alan Frame. There really is something for everyone here.
  • Open Culture has loads of free audiobooks here. This is a great way of joining leisure/entertainment with education. You can tailor your search to the correct age group of your child here.
  • Wonderopolis offers fun questions to explore each day – and you can share your own here.


  • World Geography Games has quizzes for many ages across geography topics here.
  • National Geographic kKds has a lovely range of resources and videos about the world here.
  • Everydayearth uses Oklahoma’s landscape for activities and missions here.


  • Bighistoryproject offers a self-guided video tour of history here.
  • In a few years, this time will all be in the history books! If you want to go back in time and look at some fascinating objects from museums across the UK with resources, information and teaching ideas, then look no further than the British Museum! You can select the key stage, topic, date, place and theme to narrow down your search and find the perfect information here.


  • iDEA offers a free programme to older students and adults to improve IT and employability skills here.

Jewish Studies

  • Chinuch is a kodesh website used by teachers which highlights festivals, the weekly Torah portion, shabbat etc here.
  • Gateways has a range of free-to-access Jewish resources here.
  • Chabad has a range of fun resources for children here.


  • BBC offers bitesize literacy and numeracy lessons here.
  • You now access this brilliant resource from teachyourchildtoread for free! It will help you teach your child to read, write and spell using synthetic phonics here.
  • This 45-min webinar from Jennifer Buckingham is for parents who want to understand key components of learning to read and provides parents with evidence-based resources and activities for helping their children to develop their skills and enjoyment of reading at home here.
  • Read Write Inc has released free phonics resources including videos, e-books and other resources here.
  • Radio Blogging has daily live shows with interactive literacy activities that are fun, engaging and educational. Just switch on and enjoy here.
  • We hope you enjoy these free key stage 3 English and Media resources supplied by Jules Daulby here.
  • Let’s put those iPads to use in an educational way! Here are some links to iPad apps for working on the following skills: homophones, opposites, compare/contrast, personal pronouns and categorisation here.
  • Storylineonline is a wonderful site that has favourite children’s books read by famous people here.
  • This YouTube channel has favourite stories read by different people here.
  • Researchify has free written and spoken versions for: Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willow, The Railway Children, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Black Beauty here.
  • Gutenberg offer lots of classic novels for free here.
  • This Wind in the Willows production is available for free streaming here.
  • A comprehensive list of theatres and musicals being streamed online each week here.


  • For teachers, a range of music-related resources from ISM here.


  • BBC offer bitesize literacy and numeracy lessons here.
  • has free worksheets for all times tables, addition, subtraction and division here.

Outdoors / Indoors

  • Spring is here and summer is on its way. It can be difficult to think of exactly what to do after a game of “catch”– but don’t worry, Herts wildlife trust has done the thinking for you that link to nature here.
  • The Scouts is offering a range of indoor activities here.
  • Melbourne Zoo live streams its animals here.


  • Scienceskool has interactive simulations of science concepts, particularly for older pupils. It is quite fun to use here.


  • Oxplore have loads of fun questions for teens to challenge themselves and think about here.

Special Educational Needs

  • An easy to navigate site with SEN resources focussing on literacy and numeracy at primary age here.
  • Chatterpack has developed an adapted home learning curriculum for young people with additional needs (free for families) here.
  • Oak National Academy launched an online curriculum for children with SEND in May 2020 here.


  • The government is offering free digital and IT courses to build life and workplace skills here.
  • Coursera has an outstanding range of free courses from universities across the world. It is more for young people who were about to take GCSEs or A-levels and would now like to use their time well here.