Norwood’s video free video guides and tutorials

Norwood’s expert councillors and therapists have made a number of helpful videos that can offer support and advice even when you can’t get to a Norwood centre.

Speech and language therapy

Take notice of and then try to copy/use some of the strategies the speech and language therapist uses during her session…

• Repeating what child says – and sometimes adding a few words to what the child says
• Purposeful waiting – paying attention to the child and the activity in silence
• No questions – lots of commenting and narrating on events
• Uncomplicated language – using single words and short phrases
• Repetition of same words/phrases
• Labelling items – giving the child the vocabulary they need
• Specific praise – naming what was done well
• Working at child’s pace
• Modelling first and then giving the child opportunity for more independence and following their lead
• Intentional eye contact and fully engaged with child in the activity
• Offering starter sounds or words and then leaving a gap so child can ‘fill’ or ‘complete’ the word/phrase
• Over the top facial expressions and a voice that matches the facial expressions
• Never any demand for child to repeat back her sentences or say things again – all happens naturally
• Clear sequence of events flagged by words such as ‘first, next, finished, tidy up