Health and wellbeing support

Norwood’s Health and Social Care Practitioner works on a one-to-one basis with the people we support and also with the staff team. They may focus on educating people about healthy eating, staying active or sexual health, and will ensure that they are supported to access medical services, and to understand their treatment if needed. They also provide tailored support based on the needs of people we support at a specific time, for example, offering a workshop on financial abuse to supporting someone to move on to more independent living.

Norwood’s behavioural support is provided by all support staff, who are trained to understand the meaning of the behaviour of the people in our accommodation services and to come up with strategies to work effectively with behaviours of concern – often the consequence of an unmet need. Positive behaviour support plans, following an assessment, can also be drawn up to help people understand their own feelings and find a compromise when problems arise.

Norwood’s communication and engagement support is provided by all support staff, who are trained in the award-winning programme Great Interactions to help them understand people’s communication preferences. If a person is non-verbal, Norwood also offers Intensive Interactions, which aims to build a communicative relationship through the use of music, touch, smell and taste.