Complementary Services – Animal Kingdom

Welcome to Norwood’s Increasing Independence for Adults with Learning Disabilities Programme. This project is run with support from Wokingham Borough Council. The programme offers life skills courses for all abilities that will enable learners to gain confidence and increase their independence.

Complementary Services – Animal Kingdom

Have fun discovering the animal kingdom, the things they do and where they live. You will learn about conservation and how we can protect animals in the wild. As part of a group, you will help to create an ant farm and watch tadpoles change into frogs. You will make animal-themed art work and take part in group activities.

Things you will do:

• Find out about animals and the world they live in
• Work in a group to create new homes for animals found in the garden
• Learn about a local animal conservation group
• Meet several different animals
• Visit a local farm

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How much does it cost?

£127.40 per 28-week course

Course details

Start date: 5 November 2019

Day and time: Tuesday 1.45–4.00pm

Course duration: 28 weeks

Location: The Precinct – Craft Room

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