Children and Family Services

In many circumstances, having a member of the family with a learning disability or special educational needs can place an enormous strain on the family.

When supporting a child or young person with a learning disability or special educational needs, Norwood doesn’t just consider the individual’s needs but the whole family, because we recognise the impact disability can have on every member.

For parents, having a child with special educational needs or disability can be overwhelming. Equally, siblings of children with special educational needs or disability will inevitably be affected too.

Here at Norwood we have a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners and a family of services designed specifically to support vulnerable children and their families, and children with special educational needs.

We provide social work support to parents, giving them advice and information about how better to cope with their child’s needs and support them in other ways.

We also run weekly support groups, where parents can share personal experiences and challenges in a confidential, non-judgemental and safe space with people who understand their feelings and what they are going through.

Our parenting courses support parents to raise happy and successful children. For example, our 11-week Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities programme enables parents to learn techniques to manage their children’s behaviour, set boundaries, build better relationships with their children, gain information and strategies, and develop confidence in their parenting.

Norwood’s Benefits and Welfare Advice Service provides advice on a wide-range of topics – from benefits to debt; employment to housing.

We run a Siblings’ Group for children who have a sibling with special educational needs or disability to offer them a safe space to express their feelings, share experiences with young people facing similar situations, make friends and have fun.

Norwood plays a crucial role in ensuring that the support it provides, across all its services, means the rest of the family can continue to live life with greater ease, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is being well cared for.

Family Support

Bringing up a family can be a challenge even at the best of times. Norwood is here when the times are not the best. We offer a range of family support services that help parents and children to relax from the day to day issues, and thrive in a safe caring environment.

Educational Services

Our educational services are mainly provided in schools, and at our family centres across London.

Respite and Recreation

Norwood plays a critical role in our community, supporting children and their families to overcome the challenges they face. We offer a range of specialised services that provide high-quality care because we believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy a brighter future.