Build your child’s skills!

We can organise home activities in ways that support our children’s development.
Below are home activities that help develop specific skills, like sensory and motor skills.

You can ask your child to choose one from each column during the day, for example.

Sensory activities

Activities that aim to stimulate, integrate and target our senses

  • Creatives (paints, scissors, glue, dough, kinetic sand, shaving foam, etc)
  • Playdough and cutters
  • Finding items in a “sensory box”, examples for box fillings include: pasta, rice, craft sand, water marbles, water, foam, instant-snow, sea shells
  • If your child is anxious and refuses to touch material, make sure wet wipes are handy

Gross motor activities

Get the whole body moving!

  • Jumping on trampoline
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Ball games
  • Animal walks
  • Obstacle course

Fine motor activities

Support more detailed movements with our hands

  • Threading beads
  • Stick stickers inside an image.
  • Using large plastic tweezers, collect pom-poms, beads or pegs into an empty water bottle/small container

Grapho-motor activities

Put pen to paper (or other writing implements!)

  • Offer different things to scribble or colour with:
    oil pastels, chalks, broken crayons (promote a better grip), magic markers that change colours, water paint and brush
  • Let child choose favourite interest/figures to colour. There are plenty of colouring-in sheets to print out on the web
  • Worksheets: dot-to-dot, mazes, matching numbers
  • School work

Cognitive thinking skills

Get our brains problem solving

  • Puzzles
  • Board games
  • Books

House chores

Get independent with life skills

  • Tidy room
  • Pick up toys
  • Make a sandwich
  • Set table for lunch
  • Water the plants
  • Dust one room

Visuals for house chores: