Staff Spotlight – Jacqueline Nortman

22 October 2021

Staff Spotlight – Jacqueline Nortman

Jacqueline Nortman, Senior Marketing Manager, shares why she joined Norwood over four years ago and what she loves about her role.

I started my career working in a PR agency for consumer brands including Diet Coke, Dove and Disney Store.

I worked my way up while I was there, but I didn’t really enjoy the agency environment – I felt unfulfilled by the work and wanted to do something more meaningful. I realised I wanted to move into working for a charity, but it was hard to make that transition.

I found a role as maternity cover for the Marketing Executive at Jewish Care. I ended up staying in the department for ten years, moving through the ranks and I had my two children while working there. After ten years, I was feeling disillusioned and needed a new challenge, so I decided to retrain as a school business manager, and while working full time, I also studied and gained my school business manager diploma. As part of my role, I was also responsible for managing admissions for the school and sitting on the governing body as its clerk, as well as sub-committees. I learned a lot about policies, protocols and processes and while I loved the job and working with children and families, after three and a half years, I realised I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as my previous marketing roles.

So, I applied and interviewed for a role at Norwood four years ago and I’ve been here ever since! In my time at Norwood, I’ve seen some massive changes. When I first arrived, there was some hostility to marketing and broken relationships with other departments across the organisation. My immediate priority was to build positive relationships with other departments and encourage increased collaboration.

We’ve also had significant leadership change, which has seen the organisation move into different directions. These changes led to the realisation that the marketing team wasn’t working effectively. We’ve since managed to turn that around and we’re becoming much more agile, dynamic and proactive, working in collaboration and more effectively with departments across Norwood.

I see my role as a brand ambassador, having conversations with people around the organisation, understanding what they need from Marketing and working out how best to achieve it and deliver it! As a team, we’re here for the whole organisation, although people often assume our main purpose is to support fundraising. We’re hugely motivated by how diverse our work can be – at any one time, we can be juggling supporting branding, services, events and PR, to name a small part of our remit!

The biggest change I’ve see is the overhaul of our branding and messaging. When I arrived at Norwood, the messaging was home-school-life and under that umbrella, there was no real clarity about what Norwood did, it was too broad. We now have two clear pathways – identifying our services in support of children and families and anyone with learning disabilities – which allows us to talk about what we do in a more holistic way. Although there is still some misconception about what we do, whether that’s adoption or running an orphanage, much of that is a result of us being such an old and long-established charity and testament to our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our community!

Our logo used to be cold and the strapline was generic. Transforming the brand to ensure it delivers on warmth and togetherness has been a big journey. My biggest achievement at Norwood – without doubt – has been the Annual Dinner Reimagined, which became my focus for about eight months last year. I lived and breathed it and it pushed my skills and experience to their absolute limit. Not only was I proud for playing a pivotal role in such a successful event, but I learned so much from it and found it personally enriching. Filming the campaign videos was an honour for me. I always say that you couldn’t ask for anything more motivating than spending time with the people Norwood supports. That is why I wanted to work for a charity in the first place, knowing that a small part of what I do is contributing to making that difference.

My colleagues know that I like to bribe people with my baking – in actual fact, I wanted to be a chef at one point and I still love to create in the kitchen. Outside of work, my two children keep me on my toes, but I learn a lot from them too. I teach them to follow my own motto in life – as long as I know I’ve given it my all, that’s all I can ask for. Even if it doesn’t necessarily turn out the way I’d hoped for, as long as I know I’ve done everything I can, I’m happy.

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