Transition from child to adult services

26 July 2021

Norwood is committed to supporting vulnerable individuals facing challenges and their families throughout their lifetime. Norwood’s work isn’t focused on children or adults in isolation, but on individuals at every stage of their life. Whenever, wherever and however they need us, Norwood is there to support them every step of the way.

Dee Socratous, Senior Social Worker, Kennedy Leigh Family Centre

At Kennedy Leigh, we support young people and their families or carers who have learning disabilities, disabilities, or other challenges. Moving forward into adulthood is challenging for many young people and this transition period which involves change can be a difficult and stressful time for the families that Norwood supports. Young people with disabilities and their families present additional major challenges in terms of navigating the processes and assessments that they will be faced with in order to have their needs identified and met. Norwood’s social work team support the family and young person, providing advocacy and support which enables them to navigate prospective professional networks and processes, ensuring better outcomes.

Young people with disabilities can struggle to understand what their futures may look like and this can be overwhelming and stressful. Norwood social workers support young people to manage their fears and anxieties by building relationships so that the young person feels empowered to have a voice and express their feelings about the choices that are being made about their lives, whilst prioritising their safety and well-being.
Parents and care givers may experience a range of emotions about the changes they have to consider for their child and the likely impact these changes will have on their role as parents. Norwood social workers provide emotional and practical support during these transitions so that parents feel empowered to address different challenges as they arise. Parents supported by Norwood during this transition have access to information sessions and parenting programmes, where the focus is SEN and disability, whether virtual or in-person and through either 1:1 or group sessions with individual families and young people.

While the needs of the young person are assessed as they move towards independence, Norwood social workers support families to identify appropriate support services, educational placements, training opportunities and residential options. Our social workers make holistic assessments of a family’s needs and families are supported to access support and resources from within the community and from other professional services. Norwood social workers have longstanding relationships and networks within the community and with professional networks and are able to provide advocacy and support regarding the available care plans and funding options. This support facilitates a smoother pathway for young people and their families.
We know that when a family receives our holistic support, individual needs are addressed and met, there is better planning for the transition to adult services, feelings and expectations are effectively managed and the outcomes are better for the people we support.

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