Norwood is there for every member of the family

26 July 2021

Why Norwood makes such a difference in the lives of Sophia and her family.

After having been diagnosed with a severe chromosomal disorder at nine months old, Sophia’s options looked bleak and her family were left to seek out available support services unaided.

Sophia is non-verbal, she can’t walk or sit unaided and needs support for all her physical activities. Having approached Norwood shortly after her diagnosis, Sophia’s parents Lauren and Daniel say that without the support that they have received at every stage of Sophia’s development and at every stage of their family’s journey, life would be “infinitely more difficult”.

Over the past six years, Sophia has attended play therapy sessions, her parents have benefitted from parenting support and have attended the Rainbow Group, a support group for the parents of children with special educational needs, and her sister has been able to share her experiences of living with a sibling with learning disabilities, thanks to Norwood’s Siblings’ Group.

Says her mother Lauren: “With Norwood, it felt like we’d finally found a place that understood. It feels like Norwood is there for every member of the family, not just Sophia.”

“I worry about who’s going to look after her when we’re old, but when I think of her as an adult and where she might get her support from, the only place I think of is Norwood.”

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