Making the most of reasons to celebrate

28 April 2020

We are always dedicated to helping our residents get the most out of life and this has never been more vital to their wellbeing than during the current situation. And so we are delighted to have helped Simone, Joe, Jeremy and Julian to celebrate recent birthdays and anniversaries in their own very special way…

Simone, who lives in our Somers Court residence, had a wonderful 60th birthday in early April. Despite the current situation, home manager Mel, said: “She cut a cake with her flatmate and then staff distributed cake and other party food to all her friends in the other flats. Simone’s mum, Lynette, was so touched by the lengths that staff in the home went to to make her daughter’s day special that she sent them this beautiful thank-you message. “I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing care you and your teams are giving to all our families. I haven’t the words to express what admiration and love I feel for all your dedication and humour at this unbelievable time. I know that you made Simone’s 60th birthday such a happy occasion. Thank you, thank you!”

Joe at Lyonsdown and Jeremy at Woodcock Dell also had birthdays recently. Because Joe couldn’t celebrate his 26th birthday with his loved ones, staff in his home wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. Norwood’s Marketing team stepped in to produce a unique card for Arsenal-loving Joe and it really made his day. His mum, Michelle, said: “When I saw it, I thought he could be an actual Arsenal player. It was so amazing. I sent it to all my family. Joe’s an incredible youngster.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy enjoyed a video chat with his parents, sisters and niece and also received a video message from his sister in Australia. And, of course, the day couldn’t pass without a simple birthday celebration with his Woodcock Dell family, too.

In Berkshire, there were celebrations, too, when Julian, a resident of The Green, one of our homes at Ravenswood, proudly announced on Wednesday 22 April that he had lived there for exactly 52 years. Michael Hart, a member of Norwood’s Operations Committee said: “In 1970 and 1971, I was a volunteer at the Village [Ravenswood] and Julian was in my class. He won’t remember me but I do remember him and several of the other class members. I arrived as a 17-year-old volunteer and found myself put in charge of the class because the teacher had just left. Somehow I managed. That was 50 years ago this year, but I can still remember it very clearly.”

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