Answering the call

28 April 2020

During these unprecedented times, we need volunteers now more than ever before. We are particularly delighted that Joe, who was once a recipient of Norwood’s support, is now giving back to the charity by using his free time to make a real difference to those who are now benefitting from our services, as he once did…

Since signing up to become a volunteer only a few days ago, Joe has already made himself a valuable member of our volunteering team by collecting donated cakes – which will be decorated for Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) – from various bakeries in North London, as well as making some non-food deliveries to our services. Joe says: “I decided to volunteer for Norwood as I got furloughed at my job and wanted to use this spare time to help Norwood because they helped me.”

It is hard to imagine that this very able and confident young man was once a boy who was extremely anxious about doing anything new. He wouldn’t go to new places or anywhere alone, and would barely walk to the top of the road. His mum, Eveanne, said: “He had terrible anxiety which just grew and grew and grew. He was just like a lost soul.”

However, when Joe, who featured in our Annual Dinner fundraising film last year, started attending Binoh, Norwood’s specialist teaching support service, it was a major turning point for him. Joe started to relax and, with that, his mind began to open to learning. The course taught him how to operate independently and the change was astonishing. Joe gained a zest for life that his own family had never seen before and went on to gain a good job. Since then, he has moved on to more responsible positions and his family couldn’t be prouder of him.

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