No Marathon, no sweat for Norwood

27 April 2020

When the cancellation of the London Marathon was announced, many charities, including Norwood, wondered what they could do to plug the gap in their annual fundraising budget. As things turned out, that decision was taken out of the individual charities’ hands when the organisers of the London Marathon announced the 2.6 Challenge – an opportunity for people to join in however they saw fit, to raise money for a charity of their choice or for a shared pot, that would be distributed later.

Team Norwood immediately sprang into action and, astonishingly, the charity has so far matched the about £35k it raised from the London Marathon last year and is hoping to surpass the £40k figure when the shared donations are allocated.

It was an unbelievable team effort from the wide Norwood family but some individual 2.6 Challengers simply have to be listed here:

  • Norwood’s chief executive Beverley Jacobson cycled 26km on a tandem with her daughter Talya (who had already made greetings cards for Norwood staff and residents as part of the challenge), joining her for 19 of the 26km.
  • At Ravenswood, residents and staff did a variety of activities from walking round the site 26 times, to bouncing for 26 minutes on a trampoline, to doing 260 keepy-uppys with a football.
  • Norwood’s co-president, Nicola Mendelsohn, did 26 repetitions of 26 exercises.
  • Norwood’s chair, Neville Kahn, cycled 10 times around a 2.6-mile circuit.
  • Norwood’s vice president, Ronnie Harris, climbed Primrose Hill 26 times and raised an unbelievable amount of money single-handedly.
  • Norwood trustee and Challenger Gary Sacks cycled 52 miles, plus an additional 26 miles on behalf of his dad, Ivan.
  • Laurence Smith is walking 50 miles every week to raise money for Norwood. Laurence’s son Jeremy lives in Norwood’s Woodcock Dell residence.
  • Residents of Lyonsdown, Stephanie and Joe, did 26 lengths of their garden in their wheelchairs (with help from Stephanie’s mum, Judith).
  • Norwood’s new chair of fundraising, Rachael Davis-Stollar, enlisted the help of more than 200 children to undertake a range of “mini Marathons”, which ranged from shooting 26 basketball hoops to giving 26 kisses to drawing 26 monsters.
  • Sammy, who lives at Ravenswood, walked for 26 minutes.
  • Philip Hertz, a Norwood trustee, did a 26km combined bike and walk.
  • Yael Ehreich, head of events at Norwood, completed a 2.6-mile walk.
  • Sharon Green, a regular Norwood Challenger and volunteer photographer at our charity events, is going to be planking for 2.6 minutes for 26 days.

Norwood would like to say a massive thank-you to everyone who took part, had fun and raised such an incredible amount of money.

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