Get voting to ensure Norwood film’s success

28 February 2020

Norwood is calling on you to cast your vote for the second time, so that our film, which has been shortlisted for the Charity Film Awards, makes it to the finals. This is the first time one of Norwood’s films has been shortlisted, beating 275 other entries to make it through the first round. Falling within the category of charities with a turnover of between £20 million and £50 million, our film is currently competing against 11 other organisations.

The film, Enabling families to thrive: Wayne and Jake, was first aired at Norwood’s Annual Dinner 2018 and features Wayne Chodosh and his son Jake.

In this powerful film, the viewer finds out why the move into supported living by 25-year-old Jake, who has autism and is non-verbal, was the best thing his family could have done. Choosing the right home for Jake was paramount for them and they wanted to ensure the people caring for him would understand and support both his physical and emotional needs, while allowing him to thrive and live as independent a life as possible. The film highlights how, with Norwood’s support, the family’s hopes for Jake have been realised.

Thank you to Wayne and Jake and everyone who voted for the film which helped us to get to this stage. Of the 400 entries, only 125 charities made it on to the shortlist. We are now waiting eagerly to find out whether the judging panel has selected Norwood to go through to the finals.


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