The grand design behind ‘smart’ living

29 January 2020

As is usually the case, it takes an awful lot of thought and planning to make things look effortless.

So while Norwood’s Lyonsdown Road residence, a home full of gadgets and gizmos designed to make life easier for the people living in it, might seem to have arrived fully formed when it opened it 2017, the truth is that Norwood’s “smart” home is the glorious result of a long-term collaboration between Norwood and the architectural practice Archadia.

And if you want to see some of what Lyonsdown has to offer, you can watch a short film about two of its residents here.

Because of all the wisdom and experience it gleaned from designing Lyonsdown – as well as being fully involved in the planning of the Ravenswood Development – Archadia was asked to present its research and learnings from these Norwood projects to the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN), an “ideas lab” linking anyone involved in housing, health and social care.

Like Norwood, Archadia is committed to including people with learning disabilities and their families in any discussion about what their living surroundings should look like. Like Norwood, Archadia is committed to  supporting people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible. As the government’s planning guidance recently declared: “Good design can help to create buildings and places that are for everyone. It can help break down unnecessary physical and psychological barriers and exclusions caused by the poor design of buildings and places.”

It is important for Norwood to be at the forefront of these conversations. If you’d like to know more about Archadia’s findings, you can read the full report here.

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