From the Chief Executive

5 November 2019

Chief executive Bev Jacobson highlights Norwood’s upcoming Annual Dinner and how the support of the community enables us to help the people we support to live “Extra-Ordinary Lives”

This month we are excited to be hosting our Annual Dinner on 11 November. The theme of this year’s Dinner is “Extra-Ordinary Lives” which both celebrates the extraordinary individuals Norwood is privileged to support as well as acknowledges how, with extra support, individuals who are challenged are able to do the “ordinary” things one might take for granted and live “ordinary”, equal and inclusive lives.

All the articles in this edition bear testimony to this – from the extra support provided by the likes of Vanessa Gordon at our Stables at Ravenswood to the invaluable contribution of our volunteers, and from the efforts of our committed challenge participants to our formidable fundraising committees.

As we prepare for the Dinner, I am overwhelmed by the strength of our communal support. This support, spanning centuries, is the ultimate reflection of the unique and special community in which we live, which has cared for, and continues to care for, its most vulnerable. This is truly EXTRAORDINARY and with this message comes a special thank you to each and every person who has made and continues to make this possible.