Mounting a military operation in Ravenwood’s kitchens

4 November 2019

Seven Ministry of Defence chefs spent an “eye opening” day working at Norwood’s Ravenswood Village in Berkshire, home to 111 people with learning difficulties.

During a tour of the sprawling site incorporating an educational session at the Ravenswood café, the MoD cooks learned about the many challenges in catering for residents — nutritional requirements, avoiding choking hazards and adhering to kashrut laws among them.

“I had no idea how complicated it would be,” one of the MoD visitors remarked.

Led by Sergeant Tony Legg, the team then took over the kitchens of two of the residences, Tova and Farmhouse, to prepare dinner for staff and residents, who enjoyed a Mediterranean hot pot with buttered peas and honey roasted carrots, followed by chocolate marble cake with custard.

The MoD chefs left with “genuine respect” for the work of Ravenswood’s staff and a greater appreciation of those living with learning difficulties. For Norwood, it was another example of how the wider community can support its services.

Norwood is encouraging further recruitment from people who have served in the military. “They typically display relevant and transferable skills for fulfilling and successful careers at Norwood”.

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