Snapshot of people we support

21 August 2019

In this regular feature, we share our photos of the fun activities that the people we support have been enjoying – from playing golf to going to Greenwich; and from soaking up the sun to celebrating birthdays . . .

Peter, Stephen and Simon from Ravenswood had a par-fect day when they joined over 80 golfers at Dyrham Park Country Club for the annual C J O’Shea and Galliard Homes Gold Day in aid of Norwood, at the beginning of July.

When the sun came out, Gillian from Somers Court had the solution. Grab an ice lolly, a deck chair and soak it all up.

Mitzi from Carlton Avenue had the same idea, although she went for one that matched her T-shirt and her nails. Now that’s colour co-ordination for you!

But there’s nothing like sunflowers to really make you smile . . . cue Mitzi and Laurie. Home manager Eugene beautifully summed up their happiness: “Rain, sunshine and a handful of love.

That’s what made these flowers soar high like a dove. It may be gloomy today. But what Mitzi’s and Laurie’s face portray. Is priceless, no words can say.”

Meanwhile, Carlton Avenue’s other residents, Raymond and Moshe, as well as Laurie, were thrilled to help home manager Eugene celebrate his birthday. After all, who can resist a slice of chocolate cake?

When it comes to cake, Lee at Cardinal Avenue is a dab hand at baking. The hard part is deciding which one to eat next.

Howard and Richard from Cardinal Avenue were not interested in either ice lollies or cake. Their temptation? They simply couldn’t resist posing for the camera. And when you both have such gorgeous smiles, who can blame ‘em?!

And finally, Edgeworth Crescent residents Vera, Anne and Rachelle, supported by Emiliana and Philline, had a glorious day out in North Greenwich, visiting The O2 arena, Emirates Aviation Experience and the Emirates Airline cable car.

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