Norwood’s Station Road home provides outstanding responsiveness to residents

21 August 2019

Staff at Norwood’s Station Road residential care home in Hendon are delighted to have been awarded an outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for their responsiveness to the people they support.

While the home received an overall good rating from the CQC, staff’s responsiveness – which is one category that homes are tested on as part of any inspection – increased from good to outstanding.

The report’s findings, which were published at the beginning of July, stated: “Services were tailored to meet the needs of individuals and delivered to ensure flexibility, choice and continuity of care.”

When describing how each person had a detailed care plan setting out their needs and the way they preferred their support to be given in all aspects of their care, it highlighted that: “One person had a photographic care plan that they could understand, showing them in various situations and setting out their needs and wishes.”

The report continued: “Staff ensured people could make meaningful choices in their day-to-day lives and gave them the means to do so through communication aids. Each person had the support they needed to follow their interests every day. A range of interests were supported including horse riding, swimming, cinema, pottery, music, shopping, visiting the synagogue and in the home there was cooking, karaoke, massage, music therapy, using a sensory room and researching personal interests on a computer. A relative told us that their daughter went out every day of the week to do things they enjoyed.”

Staff’s flexible approach to working with people was also mentioned in the report, which explained that staff would change their plans when people changed their minds, showing “staff supported people’s rights to be in control of their lives as much as they were able.” Examples used were when people changed their minds about what and when they ate, and what they wanted to do.

One situation that was reported which clearly highlighted the efforts that staff go to, was in supporting a person to attend an important family event. It said: “Staff had used social stories to tell the person about the event and used photographs to explain who would be attending. They then supported the person to visit the venue several times so that they would be familiar with it. A well thought out programme meant that the person was able to successfully join in an important celebration which they would normally find very difficult.”

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