This week at Norwood (26 July 2019)

30 July 2019

Karten Trust impressed by sensory experience at Ravenswood

On Wednesday 24 July, Dawn Green, Karten Network Development Co-ordinator, and Anthony Davis, Chair of Trustees, Ian Karten Charitable Trust, visited Ravenswood to see what Norwood had done with their very generous donation of £25k.

The two were met by Julia Hall, Head of Adult Services (Berkshire); Wendy Yeomans, Intensive Interaction and Sensory Support Specialist; Trust Fundraiser Lenore Cannon; Jo Surridge, Head of Technology Solutions and Chief Executive Bev Jacobson, and had a tour of the facilities as well as enjoying an immersive session where residents Simon, Zoe and Lucy from Tova, one of 13 homes based at Ravenswood, were able to experience seaside sensations – the touch and feel of sand, fish and water, sounds of the sea and a gentle breeze blowing in their faces – all welcome in the hot weather.

The guests were impressed by the concept Wendy had delivered saying it was ‘innovative and unusual’ and felt to be worthy of both commercial exploitation and an award for innovation.

NCS volunteers create beautiful garden at Norwood’s Buckets and Spades service

This week we hosted a group of 15–17 year olds from The National Citizen Service at Norwood. This is a summer programme to encourage youth to take on challenges and to give something back to their community, while at the same time building skills for work and life. The group went to Buckets and Spades, Norwood’s respite service for children and young people with physical learning disabilities and complex health needs, where they discussed what was needed in the front garden.

They then did a sponsored walk and raised over £140 with which they bought plants, windmills, solar fairy lights and lanterns and a large gnome they named Norman of Norwood. They then worked in the burning heat under the leadership of our Young People’s Programme and Projects Manager, Ruth Korel, cutting bushes, weeding, sweeping and planting to create a beautiful garden which was welcomed by the children supported in this service.

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