This week at Norwood (5 July 2019)

5 July 2019

By Dr Beverley Jacobson, Chief Executive

Walk this way!

From Monday to Wednesday, 37 Vodafone volunteers took part in a project at Ravenswood to create a beautiful woodland walk for the people we support. The group overcame huge nettlebeds, fallen branches and other obstructions to create a path that winds its way through the woodland joining the road that leads to the golf course and Ravenswood’s Tikvah residence. By clearing the space the Vodafone volunteers created an open and accessible area with a wheelchair friendly path for residents to enjoy woodland visits.

Over the past year Vodafone teams have visited Ravenswood eight times, giving us more than 1,000 volunteering hours and, excitingly, Vodafone’s London office is now keen to engage and will be volunteering at the Kennedy Leigh Family Centre later this month.

Putting the people we support to the fore

Wednesday saw the annual C J O’Shea and Galliard Homes Golf Day in aid of Norwood at the Dyrham Park Country Club. The weather was wonderful but what really made the day special was the participation of three Ravenswood residents – Peter, Stephen and Simon.  And as if seeing some of the people we support enjoying a day of sport and inclusivity wasn’t enough, the event raised £66,000 for Norwood.

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