To cut a long story short…

1 July 2019

To cut a long story short… Norwood family shares mini stories with a big impact

National Share-a-Story Month took place recently and, to celebrate, we held a flash fiction challenge for the whole Norwood family to enjoy. Fundraisers, volunteers, staff, people we support and their families all joined in the fun.

But wait – what is flash fiction? A flash fiction story is quite simply a very, very short story. Each week, we set our participants the challenge of writing a tiny story (word counts ranged from 25 to 15 words) on a topic close to Norwood’s heart.

The topics were: Being Different, Body Image (the theme of that week’s Mental Health Awareness Week), Overcoming Challenges and Finding Hope.

Of course, our writers didn’t need to be the next JK Rowling or Rudyard Kipling. They simply wrote from the heart and let their unique creativity flow. Their stories were shared on our social media channels, brightening the day of everyone who saw them.

And, in case you didn’t get to see them, now’s your chance! Here are some of our favourites shared over the month:

Being Different (25 words)

“I think I might be” she types into Google.

Autocomplete offers




Just knowing other people have done this, she feels less alone.

Liz, business systems analyst at Norwood

Don’t like being different. Angry, lonely, sad. Bad school grades. No friends.

Like being different. Norwood Children’s Services give me friends and improved grades.

Charlotte, previously supported by Norwood, volunteers for Unity

To most people, we are the same. The boy’s no one can distinguish. But mum, she knows without hesitation. We are the same but different.

Lianne, Norwood supporter and mother of twins

Body Image (25 words)

“It’s a zip for your skin”, they said. He gave his fortune and prayed.

They lied.

Now he has less money and more shame.


Dana, social worker at Norwood

Four pregnancies, four births. Nearly 60, not looking bad but so many images making me feel too fat too old instead of enjoying being me.

Susan Dunn, Norwood supporter

All of our horses are different. They are all different shapes, sizes, colours, and we love them all. Why can’t humans accept each other?

Becky Morris, Stables user at Ravenswood

Overcoming Challenges (20 words)

Despite the pain, the fatigue, the relentlessness, she was determined to provide the best nourishment for her precious baby girl.

 Hayley, creative content manager at Norwood

At college I was bullied, horses gave me confidence and happiness when I needed it the most.

 Anonymous, Stables user at Ravenswood

Since 1992, 40 people we support have completed hundreds of cycling, trekking, walking challenges. Inspiring, achieving, motivating, fundraising. True heroes.

Ian, head of challenges at Norwood

Finding Hope (15 words)

He drained the tea, stared into the empty mug. There, stained and cracked, was hope.

Giselle, Binoh teacher

Fear, pain, storms… the sun is coming. We can do more than we know.

Olajumoke, support worker at Norwood

Explanations meant understanding meant peace, confidence, worth.

Finding hope became found. Life has purpose now.

Charlotte, previously supported by Norwood, volunteers for Unity

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