Snapshot of young volunteers

28 June 2019

Ruth Korel is Norwood’s Young People’s Programme and Projects Manager, Community Engagement & Volunteering. It might not be the catchiest of job titles, but, in Ruth’s words, her role involves: “Engaging with young people from schools, synagogues and youth organisations across London to tell them about Norwood and introduce them to the wide variety of opportunities we offer for volunteering and social action.”

Here is Your Norwood’s first round-up of some of Ruth and her team’s recent projects in chronological order…

Eyes down

Project ImpACT offers volunteering opportunities to young people from 13 to 16 years of age. On Sunday 12 May 2019, 12 young people from Project ImpACT came to Norwood’s Kennedy Leigh Family Centre to throw a tea party and bingo afternoon for participants from four of Norwood’s London residences. The day was definitely a full house of fun, games and laughter.

From tiny seeds

On Sunday 19 May 2019, eight children from Radlett Reform Synagogue’s cheder went to Highview Gardens, Edgware, one of Norwood’s accommodation services. The children spent the morning planting flowers in a variety of places, including brightly coloured pots they had made themselves, and generally brightening up the place. Home manager Sharon Harrison said: “It was so great to see some colour in the garden, and this transformation would not have happened without the work of these volunteers.”

Lay your cards on the table

Eighty girls from South Hampstead High School gave up their time on Tuesday 18 June 2019 to learn more about Norwood. The girls were then given a talk on Makaton from Laurie – who lives at Carlton Avenue and has been given a real boost of confidence by his new role as a Norwood ambassador – and then made a selection of sparkly special message cards for some of the people we support… if they play their cards right, of course.

Salad days at Kennedy Leigh

On Tuesday 18 June 2019, six students from JCoSS’s Pears Special Resource Provision (for pupils with an autistic spectrum condition) visited the Kennedy Leigh Family Centre to plants herbs and vegetables that will one day grow up to be on the menu at the centre’s café, Sara’s Kitchen. All together now… Are you going to Kennedy Leigh / Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme!

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