Snapshot of people we support – July 2019

28 June 2019

Every month, our services empower the people we support to live active, fulfilling lives. In this regular feature, we bring you a snapshot of the range of activities they’ve enjoyed with the Norwood family.

Emotion pictures

On 13 June 2019 an extraordinary film premiere took place at the Curzon Mayfair in Central London. The Extraordinary Lives of Stephanie and Joe is a 15-minute documentary about two of the people Norwood supports (Stephanie and Joe) and how assistive technology is transforming their lives by enabling them to enjoy greater independence.

Stephanie and Joe were guests of honour at the premiere, where they were joined by about 200 people who were treated to food (courtesy of Stephanie’s mum), drinks and goodie bags. The premiere was followed by a panel discussion about inclusion and accessibility and other topics prompted by the subjects raised in the film.

The Extraordinary Lives of Stephanie and Joe was made by Susannah Kraft Levene, who works at Norwood, and her son, Oscar Kraft, a film-maker and student. The film has now been submitted to a variety of film festivals and if the evening at the Curzon was anything to go by, is set to take on an extraordinary life of its own. Watch this space!

 Cheesecake and cheer

Shavuot wouldn’t be the same without its staple food… cheesecake. At Ravenswood, staff and residents from the 12 homes that make up the community took part in a cheesecake competition as part of their festivities. Congrats to the residents of Pamela Barnett, who were the winners!

 Meanwhile, Norwood’s volunteering team held a Make and Bake at our Kennedy Leigh Family Centre. We had around 50 people we support attend the event. There was cheese… flowers… and, most importantly, plenty of smiling faces.

 At Carlton Avenue, Raymond, one of our residents, celebrated his birthday alongside the Shavuot celebrations. It was very touching how Raymond’s friends made him a personalised birthday cake for his tea party in the afternoon.

 Our resident pastry chefs got carried away with having fun with the icing as they even decorated the Shavuot cheesecake they made with Israel’s blue and white!

Fun for the whole community

 As part of the Increasing Independence Programme, run in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council, Ravenswood held a Fun Day for people from the local community and Norwood. The day was enjoyed by 22 people with learning disabilities, who took part in various activities, including art, sports, stables experience and making their own healthy lunches.

We will rock you!

Norwood residents love music and especially enjoy a singalong. At Ravenswood, we held a Queen Day, with arts and crafts, microphone cupcake making, a film screening of Bohemian Rhapsody, and, of course… karaoke!

One of our residents’ regular joys is to attend the externally facilitated Ted’s Singalong, where they sing, dance and socialise with Norwood residents from different homes. Here’s Joe from Lyonsdown Road and Laurie from Carlton Avenue enjoying themselves.

The great outdoors

 Now and then, London is lucky enough to have some warm weather and sunshine. Carlton Avenue residents jumped at the chance to have a picnic in the nearby park. What better way to enjoy the banana loaf they had made the day before?

 Our residents also took the opportunity to show off their green fingers. Edgeworth Crescent residents started gardening, with the support of volunteers…

 … while Carlton Avenue residents joined in with Norwood’s Giant Sunflower Competition.

Sporting success

Whatever the weather, we always help our residents to get their exercise and have fun while doing so. Here are residents from Old Church Lane and Carlton Avenue stretching themselves with some multisports activity sessions…

 … and here’s Joe from Lyonsdown Road celebrating his bowling success at Hollywood Bowl.

 Finally, Norwood recently celebrated Learning Disability Week (17–23 June). This year’s theme was sport and inclusion. The week came to a fitting end with the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run at Allianz Park, where around 50 people from across Norwood’s services took part in various runs.

Here are staff and residents from Old Church Lane enjoying the run and community spirit.

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