Tell us a story…in a flash

8 May 2019


This month is National Share-a-Story Month. To celebrate, we’re holding a flash fiction challenge and want YOU to take part.

Wait… what’s flash fiction?

Flash fiction stories are very, very short stories. The most famous example is just six words long: For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

These stories make sense by themselves, but can also hint at a larger story.

How can I take part?

Each week, we’ll ask you to write a flash fiction story. We’ll give you the topic to get your imagination fired up. Each topic will reflect the values held close by Norwood. These values are critical to the vital work we do for the people we support every single day. We’ll also give you the (very strict) word count. And remember, you don’t have to be a J K Rowling or a Rudyard Kipling. Just write from the heart and let your unique creativity flow.

Here are the topics along with the all important word count.

W/c 6 May

Topic: Being different Word count: up to 25 words

W/c 13 May

Topic: Body image Word count: up to 25 words

W/c 20 May

Topic: Overcoming challenges Word count: up to 25 words

W/c 27 May

Topic: Finding hope Word count: up to 15 words

Stories are meant to be shared

Send us your stories and our favourites will be shared on all our social media channels. Your story will brighten the day of everyone who sees it, from fundraisers to volunteers to the people we support.

Let’s get writing

Email your stories to

We can’t wait to read it!

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