Taking on Tanzania for Norwood

14 March 2019

Last November, LiFE Residential Directors, Nigel and Scott, took on Norwood’s gruelling Tanzania cycle challenge. They cycled 495km over five days with a group of incredible challengers who had one mission – do it for Norwood!

Having previously conquered Kenya and Kerala in India for Norwood, this was their third bike ride for the charity.

Before they left for the bike ride of a lifetime, Nigel Carter, Director of Lettings said: “My training plan has worked out a treat and I am raring to go – as for Scott, well I’m hoping he’ll be at the airport on Saturday. Having said that he’s as strong as an ox and he’ll get the ride done one way or another!”

Here is how it went:

(Diary published by LiFE Residential)

Day One

Six hours into their first day and both of our Directors, Nigel and Scott, have already accomplished 85km with the help of LiFE’s tandem and a few rice cakes along the way. Having stopped for lunch, our directors find themselves exploring Tanzania’s wilderness as well as taking a few selfies on Mount Kilimanjaro in the process. After a gruelling first day,  Nigel and Scott enjoy the scenery ahead at the campsite.

Day Two

With a 6am beginning it’s hard not to enjoy the sunrise with a candlelit solar coffee Both of our directors were put to the test as the bulk of their challenge would be completed on their second day. Traveling through the tropical forest, past the Maasai and banana farms, they began to circumnavigate the foothills of the highest freestanding mountain of the world, Kilimanjaro. 133 kilometres in, 7,000 feet up and they are exhausted. As it comes to the end of their second day, our directors relax for the next day.

Day Three

Having endured the worst part of the climb, Nigel and Scott began their third day cycling down foothills, travelling through sugar cane plantations and end up at Sanya Juju, a sugar cane town.  What appeared to be an easier ride had in fact taken its toll on several cyclists due to dehydration and exhaustion. 84 km in and they’ve finally arrived in Arusha, ready for a well-deserved night sleep.


Day Four:

Admittedly their toughest challenge yet, they began their day travelling west towards Tarangiri, a national reserve park for animals. Unlike anything they had ever seen, Nigel and Scott witnessed wild animals stroll along the very same narrow roads they were cycling on, whilst combating through 40 degrees of tropical weather in Maasai territory. 103km in, 4 and half hours later and they’ve reached their destination.


Day Five:

Having enjoyed the stunning views of Lake Manyara, they say the last hurdle is the toughest, and by far it was for Nigel and Scott. 64km in, 11km to go and our directors were faced with a 4,000 ground level steep hill. Pushed to their limit, there are no words to describe their struggle, only that they were exhausted, dehydrated and ready to go home.

It didn’t take long for our directors to push through and reach the finish line at the Kabati of the Ngorongoro Crater. Finishing the day on a high, Nigel and Scott visited an orphanage nearby where they donated stationary, cycling gear and sport equipment. Both were overwhelmed with the amount of support and love they received from the children, as they chanted English songs they had made up.


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