Dell Volunteers give Norwood’s Ravenswood gardens a restoring makeover

2 August 2018

Volunteers from Dell returned to Norwood’s Ravenswood to give a fresh new look to the outdoor space. The seven volunteers from Dell went into the gardens of Elms and Eretz to sand and re-stain wooden furniture and cut back overgrown shrubs.

Elms and Eretz are both a part of Ravenswood. They provide care for people with learning and physical disabilities. Eretz also focuses on the associated emotional attention needed for specialised care.

The Dell team even had a little competition going to see which team, Elms or Eretz, would deliver the best result.

Chantel Baigent, Manager of the Eretz, said: “We were very grateful for the time the volunteers from Dell spent with us, a very friendly group who seemed to understand the importance of their role and the difference this will make to the people we support. They did a wonderful job sanding and painting our table and chairs. They definitely look more inviting, which is very important as some people living in Eretz do not like to leave the home. So to have an outside space to enjoy is very important, as is ensuring people can get some fresh air.”

To find out more about volunteering at Ravenswood, contact Norwood by phone on 020 8420 6926 or email