Vodafone Volunteers take to ‘The Green’ at Norwood’s Ravenswood Village

23 July 2018

Thirteen Vodafone volunteers from the Bracknell area recently spent the day at Norwood’s Ravenswood Village renovating the outdoor area of ‘The Green’.

Together, the volunteers replanted colourful flowers, cut back overgrown shrubs, and sanded down and painted the wooden furniture.

The Green is a group of supported living homes housing 13 residents who live independent lives thanks to Norwood’s dedicated team of on-site carers.

Speaking about the day, one Vodafone volunteer said that it was a “fabulous place and would go back in a heartbeat”, while another added they were “really happy that we made a difference”.

Some of the volunteers even designed and painted a mural of Abba in memory of two late residents, Annie Lemon and Richard Tooke. Annie lived in Ravenswood for 44 years and Richard for 53 years. The mural is a welcome addition to the outdoor space, contributing to the positive wellbeing of all the residents.

David Harris, Director of Development at Norwood, said: “Our ambition is that corporate volunteers taking a break from their day to day working activities derive as much from their time here as we do from their effort.

Developing partnerships with local companies such as Vodafone serve to enrich the lives of our residents and provide volunteers with diverse activities in an environment that may be unfamiliar to them. We hope that they find their experience here equally rewarding.”

Carol Goodall, Norwood’s The Green Manager, wished the volunteers a big thank you and concluded by stating that “we are proud to say our Garden is looking gorgeous at the moment”.

Norwood’s corporate volunteering partnerships play a vital role in the running of Ravenswood Village and are testament to the strong relationship the Village has with the local community.

To find out more about volunteering at Norwood’s Ravenswood Village, contact Norwood by phone on 020 8420 6926 or email volunteering@norwood.org.uk.

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