5 July 2018

The #BeSocialWise campaign was inspired by a series of 10 films we released across social media on 21 June, which highlighted the issues young people and their families are facing today and the impact it is having on their mental health. Social media comes up time and time again… addiction, overuse, can’t get away from it, cyberbullying, depression, low self esteem, the list goes on.

We understand the root causes of these problems go well beyond social media, but we also know it can put pressure on young people and make it harder for them to cope. That’s why we encouraged everyone to be part of #BeSocialWise. We quite simply wanted people to start thinking about their time online. How much time are they spending on social media? Are they using it sensibly? How does it make them feel?

On the day, we asked people to upload a profile picture in support of the campaign and take part in our interactive Stories, however it doesn’t stop there, we want to keep the conversation going.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are social wise:

• Be selective with friend requests… if you don’t know them, you don’t have to add them!
• Be careful with sharing! Don’t share anything that you wouldn’t want to be online forever.
• Equally as important, don’t share something personal/sensitive about someone else without their permission.
• Get clued up on privacy settings across your social media profiles. If you don’t want everyone seeing everything… go private!
• Think before you post! Not just for you, but for future you and others who are involved.


Want to learn more about this campaign? Head to www.besocialwise.co.uk or our social media channels.

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