New blog uncovers secrets from the Norwood archive

26 January 2017

Last week Norwood launched a new blog, which shines a light on some of the fascinating photos, objects and documents in the charity’s considerable historical archive.

Established in 1795 Norwood is the oldest Jewish charity in the UK – with a long and varied history. As a result of a generous six-month cataloguing grant, Norwood has been able to employ a professional archivist to catalogue the documents, as well as purchasing better preservation equipment and essential archive materials.

The Jewish Orphanage

As part of the project some of the materials are being displayed online in the Norwood Archive blog – which has already received a lot of attention on Facebook and Twitter. Each post provides a snapshot of a moment in history – including a photograph from an Orphanage trip to the zoo in 1928 – and stills from film footage of Ravenswood in the 70s.

Archivist Elly Southwell said: "It’s been a mammoth project so far – but so exciting. Delving into an archive like this one is the closest thing to being able to time travel – it’s an unparalleled way to immerse yourself in the past."

You can visit the blog here