Biking bloggers take on Tuscany

7 June 2016

Cycling 290km across the Italian countryside wasn’t enough for the 15 people who took part in Norwood’s YN Tuscany Challenge last week. The cyclists also live blogged their experience, sharing their adventure on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They’re set to raise over £42,000 for Norwood, the UK’s largest Jewish charity supporting vulnerable children and their families, children with special educational needs and adults with learning disabilities.

But it wasn’t all picturesque trattorias, sunsets and Chianti. On Monday the cyclists faced an unexpected thunderstorm, with strong winds and driving rain.
First time challenger Andrew Hurwitz said: "I’m exhausted, but there’s a real sense of achievement. My legs are pretty sore but it doesn’t matter because it was for a great cause. I’d highly recommend it to everyone!"

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