Matzah mini Monets at Norwood Nursery

4 May 2016

Children at Norwood Nursery had lots of fun making Haggadahs, matzah brei and matzah masterpieces as part of their Pesach celebrations. The little ones enjoyed getting their hands dirty as they crumbled matzah on to wet paint, producing works of art with such originality as to make the likes of Dali and Damien Hirst envious.

Norwood Nursery Manager Lisa Lawrence said: "The children all made and took home a handmade fabulous Haggadah too, and enjoyed the story telling of Pesach and the ten plagues."

Working with food fuelled the children’s appetites, so it was just as well that there were lots more pieces of matzah spare to make some matzah brei. The little cooks got stuck in whisking milk and eggs with broken bits of matzah to produce this tasty snack, which went down a treat.