Laurence’s mammoth mountain challenge

14 January 2016

For retired Laurence Smith, simply climbing one mountain to raise money for Norwood isn’t enough. Instead, Laurence, whose son Jeremy has cerebral palsy and lives in Norwood’s residential living accommodation, is taking on the legendary GR10 trek, an estimated ten-week hike crossing the French Pyrenees.

The trek itself is roughly equivalent to climbing up and down Everest nine times.

Laurence is aiming to raise more than £35,000 to fund an extension and improvements at the home Jeremy shares with seven other people with learning disabilities.

Norwood’s Business Manager for Challenges Ian Tate said: "It’s staggering. In the twenty-five years I’ve been working for Norwood no one has done anything this big. As well as being physically demanding, psychologically it’s going to be very tough too."

Laurence said: "I want to give something back to Norwood in return for everything they’re doing for my son. The staff have such warmth and generosity; I’ve seen the relationship between my son and his carers grow and it’s wonderful. Now is my chance to do something constructive and make a difference."

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