“Incredible” Central America cycle raises £440,000 for Norwood

7 November 2014

Nearly one-hundred cyclists have completed a gruelling cycle ride through Nicaragua and Costa Rica, raising an estimated £440,000 for Norwood.

Two groups of cyclists took up the 450km challenge, one of Norwood’s toughest yet, with five days of steep climbs, winding roads and stunning tropical scenery.

During week one riders faced highly changeable weather conditions, with sweltering temperatures as high as 35C giving way to torrential rain in the same day.

Julian Primhak, who has a learning disability and is supported by Norwood, rode in tandem with Nick Abbott. "I’ve had fun on the bike ride," he said. "Nick and I are a very good team!"

In week two the temperature reached 42C. "It was incredibly hot and humid – there was no hiding place from the sun" explained Ian Tate, Norwood’s Challenges Manager. "Long days cycling into a strong headwind, some challenging off road riding and a number of long steep climbs all added to the challenge but we got through it together."

After a week in the tropical heat, the second plane-load of cyclists arrived back to a typically wet and rainy London on Sunday.

First-time cyclist Olivia Codd, 21, said: “They don’t call it a challenge for no reason! It was tough, painful at times and exhausting but that is what makes it such an incredible achievement! To look back and be able to say that I cycled nearly 500k in five days is quite something, not to mention doing it in quite extreme weather conditions and on difficult terrain! Not only that, but I got to meet and experience it with such wonderful people and in doing this challenge help raise money for such a brilliant charity. It was a challenge that I am so proud to have been apart of and a trip that I will never forget!”

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