Nick is Norwood’s champion of the world!

5 November 2014

After watching a YouTube video of Norwood cyclist Nick Ivil reaching the summit of one of Costa Rica’s steepest hill-climbs, Ira Rapp, Chief Executive at Westcity Properties was so impressed he decided to invite Nick and his parents for dinner with his family – and present him with a cheque and a ‘world champion’ trophy.

Nick was one of 93 cyclists who took part in the tough Nicaragua to Costa Rica Cycle Challenge to raise money for Norwood's services. He has a learning disability and has been attending Norwood’s sports and leisure sessions for over 5 years.

Explaining why he wanted to present Nick with cheque in person, Ira Rapp said: "Nick embodies the spirit of Norwood – someone who really has maximised their potential and achieved great things. You can’t help but be inspired." His daughter, Isabella Rapp, said: "Nick’s ability to overcome the difficulties that life has thrown at him shows strength of character that very few people are capable of possessing."

Nick said the invitation came as a great surprise. "I was lost for words when I got the trophy," he said, adding: "it was a dream come true."

You can see the video of Nick here (4:01s) and to donate go to his fundraising page.

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