Norwood’s wildest challenge yet

31 October 2014

Ninety-three cyclists are taking on the ‘challenge of a lifetime’ to raise funds for Norwood, cycling 446km from Nicaragua to Costa Rica.

The challenge takes place over two weeks, with two separate groups making the journey. Determined riders must cycle up to 100km every day, climbing to a dizzying 570m above sea level. The route will take them past tropical rainforests, volcanos, and along winding mountain roads.

Six of the riders are supported by Norwood and will be making the trip on tandem cycles.

After just one day on the road, cyclist Robert Desmond said he’d had “one of the most beautiful and amazing days cycling of my life."

If you’d like to find out more about Norwood’s international challenges contact Stephanie Isaacson on 020 8420 6811.