Norwood’s magic carpet conjures up a windfall donation!

21 August 2014

Norwood's charity shop staff were in for a shock when a rug, which had been stacked in a corner and overlooked for months in one of it's Golders Green shops, turned out to be worth almost a thousand pounds!

The rug, originally donated to another shop, eventually sold for £900 in the shop's sister branch on the other side of the road – and it was all down to sharp-eyed manager Sherrie Arjomand.

Sherrie said: "I spotted it instantly because I'm from Persia so I know carpets. When we unrolled it I could tell that it was valuable and very good quality. It was going to be sold for only a few hundred pounds so I'm relieved I saw it. The person who bought it still picked up a bargain, it would be worth much more than that on the high street!"

In adition to being a great bargain, that £900 could help Norwood fund two sessions for twelve young people with learning disabilities at our In-Betweeners recreational club.

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