Michael blogs for Norwood

15 August 2014

Michael Kuperberg has been a passionate Tottenham Hotspur fan since the age of 15, when he saw them beat West Bromwich Albion 5-0 at White Hart Lane 1986. He has a learning disability and is supported by Norwood. He's a keen cyclist and has taken part in a number of challenging sponsored rides to raise funds for the charity. Michael works in a coffee shop in Hendon as a barista. An amateur commentator and pundit, well-versed in the language of the beautiful game, he loves the excitement and atmosphere at Spurs and says that he will stand by Tottenham until he dies.

It seems that in every paper you pick up there's another story about one of the top players behaving badly, either on or off the pitch. Some of them behave like tearaway children. They're immature, they go off drinking and get into trouble, and then they get caught. Then once the press gets hold of it they're half way to ruin.

The salaries these players are on is part of the problem, they're ridiculous. They just need someone to take them aside to say: "you're young, you're talented and you've got a lot of money, now don't waste that chance."

Football used to be about football but now it's become a business like anything else. Clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea spend millions to get the best players in the world, but when they buy up the best players it has a huge effect on the game overall.

Players move on. There's nothing wrong with that, it's always been that way. I remember when Tottenham Hotspur bought Gareth Bale from Southampton. Within a year he was scoring wonder-goals, and we knew then: someone's going to come in for him eventually. One year passed, then another, then another, and all the while he was becoming a superstar within the Premier League. Spurs knew that if they didn't make the Champions League then Bale would be off, and when we missed out he went to Real Madrid for a record transfer fee. He wanted to go and we couldn't resist the money. Now he's playing for the European champions with world class players around him.

I remember how different football was before the days of the Premier League. The standard of play has gone up of course and it's much more competitive on the field but there's so much more money now.

Agents, billionaire owners and huge transfer fees are all part of the game now. It's very unfair to the smaller clubs. The big clubs have got to be stopped from spending all this money, because it brings the whole game into disrepute. They're buying players from all over the world who they don't really need. You've got players on really high wages who sit on the benches. I think it's wrong but when you get down to it the only ones who can change things is UEFA. So far we've not seen many changes as a result of the Financial Fair Play rules but maybe time will tell. Otherwise no-one can reign in clubs like City, PSG and Monaco. They're simply out of control.

You get these people buying up the clubs and throwing money around like confetti, telling the managers "buy whoever you need". It takes the opportunities away from the smaller clubs and it should be stopped.