Artistic Jake is a fab fundraiser

14 August 2014

Talented young artist Jake Chodosh was presented with a certificate last week to celebrate his fundraising efforts for Norwood.

Jake, who has autism and is supported to live independently by Norwood, paints pictures of celebrities which are then sold online. So far he has raised over £2000 for Norwood and Ambitious Autism.

His sister Katie Chodosh said: "Jake has severe autism and is non-verbal. He started painting at school and he finds it therapeutic and enjoyable. It focuses his mind in a calm, relaxing way."

"Jake usually works from pictures and he likes working on skin tone, so naturally he started painting famous people because there were plenty of pictures available. We had his paintings up around the house and of course we thought they were good – but people would come round and see them and say ‘you know what? This is actually really brilliant.’ Doing all this fundraising through his paintings and going to events means he gets a visual way to see just how brilliant he is. It gives him so much pride and boosts his confidence."

To buy one of Jake’s paintings go to