Children’s smashing gift to village

23 July 2014

Artistic Year Four pupils from Sinai School in Kenton unveiled a mosaic they have created for Norwood’s Ravenswood village in Berkshire last Thursday.

The materials for the mosaic, which is set to take pride of place in Ravenswood’s synagogue, were donated by the Burning Bush Masonic Lodge. Ravenswood supports 130 people who have learning disabilities in individual homes, and provides activities and training opportunities for residents and non residents alike.

The children helped to draw up the plans for the mosaic’s design, then they broke up coloured tiles and cemented them together. Sibby and Sidney, who took part in the project, loved getting their hands messy and smashing up the tiles. Both girls said they were really proud of the mosaic, which took two weeks to complete.

Art Assistant Anyta Laubscher said: "The children worked hard together as a team and came to realise the value of giving, kindness and helping people out whenever we can. They grasped that we are all Jewish, and that their Shabbat tables at home are the same as the Shabbat tables across the globe."

Rabbi Meir Salasnick, current master of Burning Bush Masonic Lodge said: "We are delighted that one of our charity projects this year is to sponsor Norwood for this exceptionally well executed mosaic by Sinai School pupils, which will beautify Ravenswood village."

If your school would like to take part in a project like this please contact Norwood on 020 8809 8809 and ask for volunteering.