Brits and Americans reunite on Independence Day for an Olympic Trek

7 July 2014

More than 200 years after American independence from Great Britain was declared, last week, on Independence Day, a group of Brits and Americans put aside their differences to raise money for Norwood's Hope Centre in Cricklewood.

26 intrepid trekkers, 18 British and eight from the USA reached the summit of Mount Olympus in Greece, the country's highest mountain, on 4 July. The trek is set to raise more than £80,000 for the Hope Centre, which provides special educational support for children and young adults.

The group included Andrew Rammell who is supported by Norwood at Ravenswood Village in Crowthorne, Berkshire. Andrew has previously competed in a number of Special Olympics athletics meetings. It was said the Olympic flame was stolen from Zeus on Mount Olympus, which makes Andrew's trip a fitting tribute to the legend.

The demanding hike took the group three days to complete, and their route took them to three thousand metres above sea level.

Norwood trustee and trekker Ian Fagelson said "The toughest part of the trek was the steep scramble to the summit, but reaching the top made it all worth it. The money raised will do a fantastic amount of good. The Hope Centre is a one of a kind facility that uses revolutionary techniques to help children with special educational needs fulfil their potential."