What will happen to my Will after death?

After the death of a person, their Will is usually handed to the people named as their executors to process on the legacy beneficiaries behalf.

Your chosen executors will then have a process which enables them to take legal possession of your assets and they are required — by law — to follow your instructions in how they distribute your assets.

There are however rare occasions where your Will can be challenged by another person who of the opinion that they have a right to make a claim, and that can delay the handing out of gifts in your Will. A well drafted Will, using for example our Free Will Writing service can help you avoid that sort of dispute arising.

If the Will cannot be found, then in the first instance, the executors will have to proceed as if the Will was never written, and there are clear legal guidelines as to how this should be done.

If the Will cannot be found, but was written and is later found, then depending on how far the executors have proceeded, the process of distributing the gifts to recipients can be revised or if they have been distributed, then there are legal ways of reversing the actions.

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