What to do after writing a Will

Once you have drafted a Will, then the documents need to be kept in a safe location. It doesn’t need to be in safe or anything fancy, just somewhere sensible.

Safe, secure, but also discoverable upon death.

Another option is to store your original Will with the Probate Registry. You can do this once the Will is in place but they do charge a fee for this service.
If you’ve had your Will professionally prepared then the company will usually ask if you’d like them to store your Will, once it’s been written. You should always ask about this at the outset when choosing a company to write your Will so you fully understand what is included within any quote you receive, ensuring there are no nasty surprises.

You can also request extra copies once your Will has been completed and sent for storage, although they are not legally binding, just a reassurance. A lot of this preparation helps to reduce the stress on your family at a time which is understandably very difficult.

Also, keeping your Will up to date with your wishes is your ongoing responsibility. If you wish to make changes to your Will then you can’t just take a pen and write over your existing Will – it needs to be done formerly. It’s also a good idea to review your Will when times change to keep things clear and avoid any pitfalls.

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