Leaving a gift to Norwood in your will and legacy

Norwood History

For over 200 years, Norwood has been supporting the Jewish community, and this is your opportunity to join that honourable legacy.

By leaving a gift in your will, you endorse your support for the work we do every day supporting thousands of people, and your gift supports Norwood not today, but for years to come.

A gift in your Will is also a very efficient way of leaving money to charity, with the government encouraging such gifts by offering tax incentives to generous donors.

A gift to Norwood in your Will will achieve so much, ensuring that your values and legacy can live on for future generations.

Live on in the hearts of many families

We welcome gifts in Wills of all sizes, as every one is a building block towards a strong future for Norwood, and for countless families who need our support to grow and thrive.

Will you, like David, show kindness to today’s families, as well as others not yet born, who rely on our life-changing services?

If you would like more information about how a gift in your Will can make a difference, or are planning to leave a legacy to Norwood, please get in touch with Oshrit from our Gifts in Wills team.

Phone us on 020 8420 6946 or send an email.

David's Story

David only found out about his mum’s upbringing shortly before she passed away, when Freda revealed she’d been raised at Norwood’s orphanage in South London. David realised that without Norwood – and the stable and caring Jewish environment it offered his mum – their future could have been very different. He may never have met his beautiful wife or raised a wonderful family.

That’s why David has committed to leaving Norwood a gift in his Will. Without Norwood, David might not be here, so he wants to make sure we always will be. He wants to support more families as they grow through generations, and he knows that’s what Norwood does.


If you believe that no generation should be without Norwood’s support, help us to secure the future.


Tax Bonus

The government (as of Oct 2018) encourages people to leave money to charities in their wills by reducing their inheritance tax.

For example, if your net estate (after allowances are taken into account) was worth £250,000, after inheritance tax (IHT), your family would inherit £150,000.

But, if you decide to leave 10% of your net estate to Norwood — £25,000 — your tax rate is reduced, so your family still inherits £144,000.

Thanks to the tax change, your generous donation of £25,000 to Norwood costs you just £6,000.

It’s “gift aid on steroids”.

Everyone’s tax situation is different, and you should always seek independent financial advice, or speak to our independent Ravenswood Trustees before committing to leaving a gift in your will to Norwood.


To discuss leaving a charitable gift in your will, phone us on 020 8420 6946 or send an email.