How to get your Will written for FREE

Although arranging to have your Will written can seem like a complicated task, for most people, it is sufficiently simple that with a little bit of thought, it can be completed using an online template, and then signed by a witness.

If you use a reputable online legal service, your Will has the same legal force as one written by a solicitor, so there is no risk to you.

Where the online form identifies issues that might need further legal advice, they flag that before you commit and let you take a decision how to proceed.

How can lawyers offer free Wills?

Legal firms use the free online Will writing service to encourage people to complete a Will knowing that it’s a benefit for everyone, as it helps to prevent uncomfortable situations when people might dispute an estate where no Will was left.

Where the online form flags an issue that might need legal advice, then you will be offered the option to speak to a lawyer, for which they charge, but this is only flagged where you would genuinely benefit from additional support and advice.

For most people, there shouldn’t be any need to contact a lawyer, so the online will writing service is totally free of charge.

For more advice, contact us below, or go direct to our preferred Will writing provider.

There is no obligation to include a gift in your will to Norwood if you use the free Will writing service, but many people like you choose to do so.

Your online Will is free no matter what.

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