Beneficiaries of a Will

Beneficiaries are the people who you want to inherit your assets and possessions (known collectively as your Estate) once you’ve passed away.

You can name anyone you choose to be a Beneficiary including your spouse, children, relatives, friends or charities as Beneficiaries.

You can leave your Estate to your Beneficiaries in certain proportions – for example, you could say that your Estate should be divided equally between your children. You can also leave specific gifts to specific people – for instance, you could say that a specific person could inherit a family heirloom or object they were known to be particularly fond of.

Although splitting an estate evenly is the easiest option, leaving specific gifts can be a nice way of sharing fond memories with people who admired items you own.

It’s very important though that any specific gifts are very clearly spelled out, and also options included should the specific item no longer be part of the estate on death.

There can be some complications when dealing with people or assets that are overseas, and a free Will writing service will usually be able to advice on those, or refer you to the necessary specialised advice.

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