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Thousands of children and their families rely on Norwood every year to help them face the challenges that life throws at them, challenges that have never been greater than in the past year. Whether it is a child with special needs falling even further behind due to schools being shut, a youngster with mental health issues being pushed further over the edge, an adult with learning disability confused about restrictions places on their lives, or even, tragically, young people suffering significant bereavement; we are doing all we can to continue to help people face significant challenges in their lives. But we can only do this with your support.

Our Together in Tandem 50:50 challenge is your opportunity not only to support some of the most vulnerable in our community but also to kick winter into touch, peek your head outdoors as Spring begins and be positive while having fun at the same time.

Share the challenge you choose 50:50 with a parent, brother/sister, friend or work colleague, or someone we support, virtually or together subject to

  • Help each other get through the tough parts, split the distance/time/fundraising, share the challenge live through facetime, WhatsApp, Instagram.
  • Motivate and inspire each other.
  • Compete against each other.
  • Own it. Together.

Why ‘Together in Tandem 50:50’

At Norwood, we are well known for enabling the people we support to take part in all of our Challenge events – often riding on a tandem with a supporting rider. Sadly, in recent times, this has not been possible, but we would like to build on that heritage by inviting you to buddy up with a partner and do the Challenge of your choice together. It’s all about sharing the experience, inclusivity and most importantly supporting each other through the tough times.

What do you need to do?

It could be anything you like. You could do the challenge simultaneously each day, split it and take alternate days, share the total over the course of the 50 days, do it all in one day. It is entirely up to you. Here’s some ideas:

  • 50 minutes of walking a day between you/or each
  • 50 miles in 50 days
  • 50km cycling a week/500kms over the course of the month
  • 50 press-ups/squats/burpees a day
  • 5k run every day, once a week or alternate days between you
  • 20,000 steps a day between you, you’d walk a MILLION steps in 50 days. WOW!
  • Cycle a scenic “LEJOG” at 1,000 miles
  • Virtually walk the Israel National Trail at 1,000km

Too much of a Challenge? Then how about:

  • Walk a mile a day for 50 days
  • Bake and sell 50 cupcakes a week
  • Wash 50 cars
  • Increase steps by 500 a day for 50 days

We would love to see how creative you can be!!

How do you start?

Click on register now button below and the rest is easy,

  • There’s only one real rule with this challenge: you must complete it in less than 50 days and be finished by Thursday 20 May (to allow for 50 days excluding Shabbat and Yom Tov).
  • Registration is free, but we would like you to raise at least £50 and if you can raise more please set your target higher!
  • You can connect to strava to immediately upload your results or can manually update your page by uploading images.

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I have a question No problem at all, please send an email to one of the team at

Thank you so much for your support. Good luck!